Tips to choose the ideal hall for your wedding

One of the most important decisions when planning an event is Hall. Maybe because of the trouble of defining your wedding or because of ignorance, you can make the wrong choice.

The decision will depend on many factors, that taking them into account, will allow you to find the indicated room. Here are a series of tips to keep in mind:

1.- Guest list: The first thing is to know the exact number of guests you will have. If the room has the capacity for fewer people, they will not be able to move around and above all dance comfortably.

2.- Characteristics of the desired room: You marry or do the bar/bat mitzvahs of your child, list the things you want the location to have. Also, keep in mind the options that it offers you and the limitations in each particular case (the pros and cons).

3.- Parking: Although there are exceptions, most of the rooms have a low number of garages, so check that there are other places nearby where you can leave the car quickly and safely and the possibility of your guests choosing to pay the stay in some parking lot.

4.- Bathroom: Observe that there are toilets in the different environments in which the party takes place and, as much as possible, that the women’s toilette is large, because of the wide dresses of the guests.

5.- Generator and security measures: The halls must have a generator so that in case of a power outage, the party continues its normal development. They must also comply with safety regulations, emergency exits, medical insurance, etc. Consult about it for greater tranquility.

6 .- The weather: This point can play a trick if the lounge does not have an excellent option to mobilize guests in case of heavy rain or suffocating sun. Take into account the time of the year in which you will perform the event to choose the indicated hall.

7.- Refrigeration: It is essential that before contracting a room, they should attend when the refrigeration system is switched on to corroborate its proper functioning. You can also ask to visit its facilities, check the taps, observe the cleanliness (a day that there is no event), see the kitchen, etc.

8.- Ideally, the party should be close to the ceremony, if not, make sure that the guests have a way to get to the hall.

9.- Columns and ceilings: Some halls have columns located in places that hinder the development of the party, for example in the middle of the track, in front of a table or screen, etc. The same happens with the low ceilings, which prevent tall people from jumping or performing the classic chair ride of the entertained or passing them by jumping over the entwined arms of the guests.

In synthesis, you have to visit several halls. However tedious it may seem, it is the best option. Just as for each shoe there is a last, for each event there is a hall. When you arrive at THE HALL for YOUR EVENT, you will instantly imagine yourself there enjoying with your loved ones the grand celebration.

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